Let me tell you—how this is my secret weapon saved my business and gave me back a life.

I was working technical delivery projects for fortune 500 companies, running a brick and mortar business, along with as a Digital Marketing Consultant Service for Entrepreneurs which had grown to over 1000 clients. I was drowning.

I hired a Virtual Assistant (VA) over 3 years ago and she has become a very intricate part of my businesses. You choose how much to share with your Virtual Assistant. Mine is literally my number go to person.

My Virtual Assistant ultimately sees the potential for offering more than just technical and administrative services; she is the “support umbrella” that has taken on such roles as project manager, web design, managing social media, digital marketing activity, an expert in technical tools. What I admire the most is my VA is a forward thinker adding value suggestions, and diligently delivers tasks on time. For large projects, I count on her to identify the gap in current resource skills and hires additional VA’s to get the job done.

I have been a techy person for over 30 years but with technology moving so fast I find I am not the tech-savvy person I used to be. I’m the one reading the print newspaper on the subway and using an iPod with a scroll wheel. But like many, I have jumped into the user-friendly sharing economy with both feet. I use Uber religiously, I stayed in an Airbnb on my last business trip and rebate shopping sites.

All of these services have altered the way I navigate my way through the world. But none of them has been as transformative as hiring a VA. It has dramatically changed my life over the past three years. I decided that there was a need for other entrepreneurs that are also drowning and need assistance in identifying what could be offloaded to VA’s. That is when Virtual Task Experts was born!

  • “If you’re an entrepreneur you can focus on your business and leave the admin and techy stuff to us” (Don’t let your business run you!!!)
  • “If you’re making a salary and you’re sucking up even 20% of your time with administrative stuff, you’re losing 20% of your time that you could be having the next big idea.”

If you haven’t heard of Virtual Task Experts, it is a company that offers shared or dedicated Virtual Assistants. For a monthly fee, you are matched to a personal assistant—that can take over technical tasks, scheduling, email, travel booking, research, social media creation, and maintenance and a myriad of other tasks.

Virtual Task Experts offers several plans to fit your needs, by hours as needed, part-time or full-time, and customized packages, your VA’s work remotely, typically from their home locations all over the country. With Virtual Task Experts you are also assigned a Personal Liaison Coach who works with you to discover what you need, what is possible, creates a plan and monitors the progress of the activities with your personal Virtual Assistant.

With your VA handling all the small stuff, you can start focusing on what's truly important, in work and life. Smart, reliable, vetted and personable virtual assistants. Click here to schedule your free consultation with me.

Then you can smile like I am now.

Regina Manuel
CEO, Virtual Task Experts

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